GoSi africa

Strategic Digital Video Productions Southern Africa

GoSi africa is a specialist digital strategy agency producing web series videos aimed at the premium travel and lifestyle markets. We incorporate quality brands, services, and products within our social media video campaigns utilising synergy marketing strategies.

GoSi africa incorporates brands that share our core values of operating with integrity, showcases high standards, and offers premium products.


We are a specialist web series production company with a team of highly skilled camera operators, directors, music & audio engineers, headed by a digital marketing strategist.


GoSi africa web video productions south africa


Our concepts are based on the philosophy of “do what you love and love what you do”. All web series are therefore conceptualised and commissioned by the GoSi africa team. We merge premium brands with lifestyle concepts.

FAQ Do we take commissioned projects from brands? Only if we like your idea and the brand’s values align with ours. 

GoSi africa web video productions south africa


Concepts are guided by a highly skilled digital marketing strategist who keeps holistic marketing and brand value top of mind. Our strategist leads the team of camera operators as DOP (director of photography) and production head. The leadership of a marketing strategist from start to end gives GoSi africa the leading edge. Ensuring that there is no disconnect between production and marketing vision.

GoSi africa web video productions south africa


A holistic web series campaign is highly dependent on strategic synergy marketing. We, therefore, encourage businesses to work together and increase their brand awareness by cross-marketing. Brands are selected based on the series concept, core values, target audience, and overall strategy.

FAQ How do I get my brand featured in your web series? We normally reach out to the brands that we want to work with but allow brands to enter if they meet the desired criteria. 

GoSi africa web video productions south africa


Content is king. Our web series productions all include scriptwriting to editing, the blog content to social media writing, and post-production marketing. All content is created and/or overseen by our digital marketing strategist who has a keen eye for detail and a passion for words. We create each web series with an unabridged view on creating premium content.

GoSi africa web video productions south africa


Our team of highly skilled videographers, photographers, audio engineers, voice-over artists, and musicians collaborate to bring concept and strategy to life. Our final products include a web video series and video promos combined with photography stills to utilise for content and marketing purposes.

GoSi africa web video productions south africa

final product

Each web series is released online to the public domain. Episodes are available on all of GoSi africa’s online platforms, including website, Facebook YouTube & Vimeo. We also do regular blog posts on our site to accompany episodes with links to featured products and services. Participating brands share the web series and other content on their online channels and marketing platforms. 

our values

The curiosity to create an adventurous meaningful life by utilising creativity, loyalty, integrity, inner harmony, and fairness. We aspire to motivate well-being via a deep sense of community and by walking gently on the earth.

our storytelling tools

GoSi Africa has a team of highly skilled creatives to set the mood in order to create that perfect story.


videography & cinematography

Web series productions. Corporate videos. Music videos.


graphic design

Web & print design. Custom video elements design.


jingles & soundscapes

Our team of professional singer-songwriters can create custom sounds to fit the mood.


script writing & directing

In-house scriptwriting and directing.


stills photography

Behind the scenes. Product photography. Corporate & lifestyle photography.


video editing & colouring

All video editing and colouring is done in-house.


voice over artists

Voice over artists for video productions.


hair & make-up artists

Professional styling – get the look to fit the profile.