My Stories SA

My Stories SA showcases authentic stories from Southern Africa to audiences around the world. These stories come alive through music, performance art, our food, culture, travel, heritage, and more. Each season holds its own theme, episode count, target audience, and identity. Episodes are web based and free to to view.

Season 1: “Sing”

¬†This season stars some of Southern Africa’s best singer-songwriters performing original songs in a “home concert” style. “Sing” aims to promote quality local music to an international audience. Most of the episodes were filmed during lockdown in 2020 – urging South Africans to support artists.

  • Release dates: from 16 Aug 2020 onward
  • Produced by: Si-lest Gomes, GoSi africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Release platforms: YouTube & Facebook

My Stories SA: New Seasons 

New seasons coming soon! Eat, Stay, Explore, Travel, Do. We will be exploring some of the South Africa’s best kept secrets.